Mama can't wait ..........

Today, mama cayang's is 3 months old, in 10 days more, mama want to feed darling with rusk baby munch.munch and munch sweetheart............

Sunday, 6 May 2012

sel roti, it is the traditional food for Nepalese.........

Mama tried to make sel roti for you today.  I’m happy to say that the sel rotis were fluffy and delicious. You enjoyed every bits. Anyway, this is not my first time making it...
For those who wish to make sel roti, here is the recipe..........

  • Rice flour
  • plain flour
  • ghee
  • sugar
  • salt
  • oil
1. First, put in 250g of  rice flour and 80g of  plain flour, add in ghee , 2 tablespoon of sugar, a little salt to taste. 
2. Start mixing it, add in a little water, do not make it too watery. Viscosity just nice to make a make a good circle.
3. Leave it for an hour. 

4. Heat up your wok or deep frying pan on the stove and pour in oil, I use corn oil. Enough oil to fry. Set the fire to medium heat. Place a silver cup in the wok.

5.Bring the mixture to the oil and make a circle around the silver cup.
6. Once it is golden brown in color, you can use a fork  to lift them. Drain the oil a little, and sel roti is ready.  

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Thanishkaah is 1 year and 4 months now.
Her great grandma passed away last January and we decided to postpone celebrating Thanishkaah's Birthday. Emmm.....sad....
Our little Lotus has taken started walking.
What a great achievement!

She now can match the sounds I read and the correct flashcards.
Has 6 sharp teeths,
loves books and loves hugging papa and mama.
will run fast while shouting with a high pitch voice when she sees coming back from work.
She is a potato eating machine
She pretends to read and sometimes pretends to be mum for her doll. 

Thanishkaah knows what she wants and communicate with me with her baby signs. 
For example, if she wants me to read her a book, 
she'll drag my hand and put it on top of the book she chosen.

What a bright little girl she is..
Make us proud, young lady!
We love you so much..

Thursday, 26 January 2012

It is Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday sweetheart! Mama and papa feeling wonderful to see you turning 1 today. We just can't wait to celebrate your day tomorrow.

Thanishkaah's Birthday is planned to be celebrated on coming March as we want all her cousins and relatives to be there on her birthday.

Mama and papa have started to plan and working on your birthday sweetheart. It is going to be a fairy themed birthday and you are going to be the most beautiful fairy princess forever..............Mama and papa love you!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

New teeth..........

Thanishkaah.........mama want to announce to everybody that u have one more teeth growing. Thanishkaah has her 2 bottom teeth and one tooth on top and another close on its way. She must feel like biting everything around for sure.Sweetheart, yesterday papa tried very hard to see the new teeth on top, u didnt let him to see it....It really looks like little rice darling.............Happy teething.

Friday, 25 November 2011

10 months now............

I haven't update this blog for such a long time and  I haven't posted any pictures of my sweet girl recently. Thanishkaah sweet heart is 10 months now and it is really busy for us so I thought I would try and get this out there now.

Today for the first time while we were in the car , heard her say "ma" very clearly more than 1 time. She has been saying "papa" and "pa" and "dadada" for a long time but just wouldn't say "mama". It made my heart melts............

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mama where is my hair?

Thanishkaah, Where is you hair baby? What happened? She had her hair shaved yesterday for prayer purpose...

Of course I am always loving my sweethearts'soft hair. But we can't help it, It is must for prayers. We went to BatuCaves Murugan temple.

Her uncle held her when her hair was saved.She screamed and cried soo loudly...she became the apple of the eyes of all. She came sooo famous!

Looking soo scared the entire day. feeling as though something is going to happen to her. She was also feeling weird(I think), so the poor thing is just not herself. BUT, she continues to be so sweet and lovey. What a doll!!

Her photos before and after the shaving ceremony.

Looking scared and feeling weird.