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Today, mama cayang's is 3 months old, in 10 days more, mama want to feed darling with rusk baby munch.munch and munch sweetheart............

Sunday, 6 May 2012

sel roti, it is the traditional food for Nepalese.........

Mama tried to make sel roti for you today.  I’m happy to say that the sel rotis were fluffy and delicious. You enjoyed every bits. Anyway, this is not my first time making it...
For those who wish to make sel roti, here is the recipe..........

  • Rice flour
  • plain flour
  • ghee
  • sugar
  • salt
  • oil
1. First, put in 250g of  rice flour and 80g of  plain flour, add in ghee , 2 tablespoon of sugar, a little salt to taste. 
2. Start mixing it, add in a little water, do not make it too watery. Viscosity just nice to make a make a good circle.
3. Leave it for an hour. 

4. Heat up your wok or deep frying pan on the stove and pour in oil, I use corn oil. Enough oil to fry. Set the fire to medium heat. Place a silver cup in the wok.

5.Bring the mixture to the oil and make a circle around the silver cup.
6. Once it is golden brown in color, you can use a fork  to lift them. Drain the oil a little, and sel roti is ready.  

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